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Hello I'm Ruth and welcome to my counselling services. As a fully trained, professionally registered person-centred counsellor, I look forward to meeting you. It can be difficult to embark on the process of finding the right counsellor to help you, especially if you are experiencing feelings of anxiety, low mood or overwhelm. It is important to find the right person for you, someone you can trust and feel comfortable to share your innermost feelings with.
Perhaps you have come to a point in your life where you are finding it difficult to manage your feelings. You may have experienced loss, relationship breakdown or a traumatic event. Maybe you are feeling lonely, confused or anxious and aspects of your life are proving difficult to manage. Having someone you feel safe and comfortable to talk to is important so that you do not feel that you must cope alone with your experiences.
Working together we can create a trusting therapeutic relationship, within which you can feel safe to share and explore the difficulties you are experiencing. I offer a compassionate, non- judgemental environment where you can untangle and process the challenges you face. Human relationships are at the centre of most of our human struggles, which is the reason that the healing strength of relationship is central to my practice as a therapist. My aim is to be fully present alongside you as witness, in an environment where you are wholly accepted and respected. I will be here to truly listen to and hear whatever you choose to talk about. I see therapy as a collaborative and non-directive journey that we share.